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Actually had a good stream!


Dude, if any of you guys have doubts about XSplit, it’s pretty awesome. I hated running Prostream because it was difficult to run anything besides Prostream and whatever art program I was running (the mic sound would be choppy and I would constantly be at 98% CPU usage) but XSplit does none of that bullshit.

It drops frames sometimes, but I haven’t been to many streams where that never happens, and at least it tells you if it drops. 

Only one peep came by to hang with me but it was awesome. I may move to Picarto but I’ll definately be streaming more and I’ll probably be streaming at all sorts of different times. Because I can right now.

I need to make graphics for streams now…

peep was me, stream was super fun!

10/10 would recommend

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Hello there, senpai!

what’s the matter flight?

You will never be a good/famous artist
until you beg for money

this is an amazing song of an amazing movie

Gloria Estefan - Conga

You want this as replacement for the TF2 Conga Music?

I made a mod for that. Get it here

Good lord…

I thought you didnt want to Tell anyone of our Secret relationship

I SAID I HAD ONE MAN! I didn’t say I am not currently in one

I'm gonna try to add you but I'm really bad at this stuff.

Go ahead